Atomic Email Hunter Crack With Registration Key [2022]

Atomic Email Hunter Crack With Serial Key Full Free Download Torrent

Atomic Email Hunter Crack

Atomic Email Hunter Crack application is designed to crawl websites and collect email addresses flexibly. These features make Email Hunter a powerful and very useful tool for mass email marketing. By using specific keywords, Atomic Email Hunter allows you to extract email addresses from websites related to your potential customers.

Apart from that, this is a perfect and valuable tool. But there is no guarantee that your extracted email address is valid. Therefore, it will be useful to use our list manager, a complete package that helps you check and compile your email address list. The nice thing is that Atomic Email Hunter Keygen is compatible with all other atomic software. So, you can take advantage of fast and quality email extractors by searching online.

Atomic Email Hunter Crack + Registration Key [Latest]

Atomic Email Hunter Serial Key allows you to start searching if you don’t have a list of website links. Just type in key phrases related to your target audience or company, Atomic Email Hunter will find related sites, check those sites and collect email addresses. You can also set filter rules for domains or email addresses in the program directly to speed up your search. Advanced search criteria involve determining link priority, link length limit and bad domain ignition. Spiders allow you to detect advanced search criteria such as filtering by domain size and URL

, email address, priority links and more. Domain filters define opportunities to restrict domains to be searched (URLs must contain) or domains to be ignored. Atomic Email Hunter Registration Key makes it possible to define criteria for email address filters. The user determines which filters should or should not contain (Settings / General settings / Email filters). In addition, spider allows you to define the maximum number of email addresses to be extracted from a website, determine the maximum size of a link or determine the priority page (Settings / General / Advanced settings).

Key Features:

  • Craigslist plug-in:
  • The Craigslist plugin was developed to extract email addresses from To start working with the plugin as a Craigslist email extractor, click the appropriate button on the toolbar and see the settings.
  • Facebook plug-in:
  • The Facebook plugin is able to collect detailed contact data from Facebook user profiles. This plugin requires authorization – log in to your social media account or create a new one, if you don’t have one already. You will then be asked to fill in search criteria.
  • Search engine settings:
  • 42 search engines are installed in Atomic Email Hunter (Settings/search engine), but only 5 of them are used by the program by default.
    You can change the list of default search engines by choosing what you need or creating another one. Our email spider supports edited and created scripts and extracts email addresses from different websites.
  • High speed:
  • Atomic Email Hunter runs in multithreaded mode: opens many pages at the same time using the advantages of a broadband Internet connection (Settings / General settings / Connections). Users can choose the type of search to optimize the process. There are two types of searches allowed: Quick search works faster but extracts fewer emails. Detailed search works more slowly, but extracts more emails. Compared to other email spiders that work normally, page loading speeds can increase dozens of times. The user can also adjust the speed of the program, determining the number of threads, deadlines, and counts of attempts to access the site.
  • Proxy server:
  • Atomic Email Hunter uses Internet Explorer settings by default (Settings / General settings / Proxy settings) and selects the best proxy server from the one you use automatically for sessions on the site. It is best to manually specify a proxy server (Settings / General settings / Proxy settings), as this is a way of determining the type of proxy server that email spiders will use. You just need to enter your proxy address and port number, login and password. Use a proxy server if the website blocks your IP address for limited access attempts. In addition, the proxy server can hide your IP address, so your visit to the site remains anonymous.
  • Search limitations:
  • You have the opportunity to manage hunting limits. This means that you can choose between All links / Current sites only / Current folders and subfolders / Current pages only and specify the search area for Atom Email Hunter. The spider will search for email addresses, for example, only on the current website, ignoring all other links.
  • Ignore hidden emails:
  • In the search process, Atomic Email Hunter ignores hidden emails. The purpose of this feature is that hidden emails are often placed as spam traps. This means that if you send an email message to a hidden address, the sender’s email address will be blacklisted. The user can guarantee future email campaigns by enabling the option to ignore hidden emails (Settings / General / Advanced settings).
  • Analyze JavaScript:
  • Our email spider is capable of extracting email addresses that are placed in Java scripts. As Atomic Email Hunter reads the HTML code and extracts its address, the user can optimize the program’s work using the Analyze JavaScript option (Settings / General / Advanced settings). This option is inactive by default. If necessary, users can activate it. Thus, Atomic Email Hunter will search for and extract hidden email addresses with the help of java scripts. You will receive a larger number of email addresses, but the speed of work will be reduced (although detailed).

Atomic Email Hunter Registration Key


  • Has a dedicated user base
  • Support for additional plug-in technologies to power your machine.
  • You can get the latest email from the personal website.
  • Users can also filter out different countries.


  • None.

What’s New Atomic Email Hunter Crack?

  • User interface improvements
  • Improve cross-site authentication
  • Some special search engines
  • Choose to ignore confidential emails.
  • Option to specify domain name when searching emails.
  • The extended list will be attachments that you can skip during the research process.
  • Automatic help search results
  • If the program crashes, please continue searching.
  • Another new Romanian partner is Lithuanian translation.

Atomic Email Hunter Registration Key






System Requirements:

  • Processor Intel Pentium or forward
  • RAM 1 GB minimum
  • Hard Disk 200 MB minimum free HDD
  • Supported OS Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (32 bit or 64 bit)

How To Install Atomic Email Hunter Crack?

  1. First, download and search the Atom Email Hunter Torrent settings here.
  2. Open the downloaded file and click Yes.
  3. Accept the license agreement by clicking the checkbox and clicking Continue.
  4. Select the desired language and Continue..
  5. Click Install and wait for the installation.
  6. Click Finish. Congratulations! You have successfully installed Atomic Email Hunter Full Crack.

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